Can you help us?

Energy Efficient Widcombe is run by volunteers who put people in touch with services for the benefit of all. 

Volunteers work in a variety of ways, and may give as little an an hour per week.

Opportunities for Residents

  • Finding people in need and referring older and vulnerable people to EEW
  • Organising a group where EEW could provide a speaker
  • Inviting other residents to take various offers up, including free insulation surveys, lending electricity monitors and providing advice on home energy conservation.
  • Doorknocking in local neighbourhoods to find those in need and chat locally
  • Organising events where Energy Efficient Widcombe take an exhibition stand and are able to field questions and present the project. Events attended recently include: Love Bath, Exhibition for Older People’s Day, The Annual Meeting for the Widcombe Association and many more are planned.

Opportunities for Organisations

We also work with organisations who are able to assist Energy Efficient Widcombe in furthering the project and also finding people in need with a referral system. They could be:

  • local companies wishing to take a more active role in community affairs but offering help (both financial and in the form of staff voluntary time) 
  • healthcare professionals who are at the forefront in identifying those elderly at risk from winter cold 
  • local organisations or partner agencies such as the Widcombe Association or Age Concern – with whoom Energy Efficient is regularly in touch with
  • Suppliers, who are specialized in key areas of making older homes fit for the future and more energy efficient