The Loft

Loft insulation

  • up to a quarter of a home’s heat can escape through the roof if it’s badly insulated.
  • insulating your loft is a simple and effective way to save waste and reduce your heating bills
  • modern loft insulation is simple to install, you can even do it yourself!
  • roll out insulation is the most common solution to preventing heat loss through the ceiling
  • most homes will have a least some type of loft insulation in place, but this is often just 50mm (2in), which is not efficient as it may have been squashed and displaced by stored boxes
  • If your loft is already insulated, it’s worth checking that you’ve got enough insulation to get the maximum saving
  • current building regulations state that the minimum insulation thickness should be 270mm (10½in)
  • the picture below shows that the recommended thickness of insulation has been achieved, you can check yours at home using a ruler

    Loft insulation thickness

  • lofts are often used as storage spaces
  • this can be achieved by laying boards over the joists

Go green save money

  • you can purchase your own insulation from most DIY stores.
  • there are a range of materials you can use and talking to a specialist in store you will be able to identify what is best for your loft.
  • remember the thicker the insulation is the less heat you will lose and the more money you will save.

    Loft insulation