West Widcombe project

Project by Daniel Ernest-Luff and Jane Harrison, Bath Spa University, June 2013

After funding was given to Energy Efficient Widcombe in 2012, a
survey of the area was conducted in the Widcombe area of Bath. It
was found that in the area of West Widcombe there were a higher
number of elderly residents that could potentially need help with
energy saving measures. A survey of the area to find a housing
profile of the area and general attitudes towards energy saving is
reported here.
It was found that in West Widcombe along with a high elderly
population, there was also a high student/young professional
population in the area. Although there is a high student population
in the area only 32% of the area was concerned with their heating
bills showing interesting attitudes towards energy saving and only
21% of the houses surveyed had tried energy saving measures.
In conclusion this data begins to show the attitudes of the area but
more awareness needs to be raised this area, with this being done
ideally towards the latter part of the year.

West Widcombe report

Student leaflet