Autumn Workshops

With the approach of winter, Energy Efficient Widcombe has been running a series of three workshops aimed at helping people keep warm.

The first covered making an older home more energy efficient and was presented by EEW’s own Ozzie ffield. Ozzie has a wealth of knowledge and could speak from the perspective of the actual householder. The second one ran on Wednesday 9 November and concentrated on draught-proofing as draughts can add 15 to 20% to our fuel bills. It was well attended and a lot of interest generated. The speaker, Francis Moran who is currently working on a PhD at University of Bath concerning energy efficiency in historic buildings, gave very practical advice about identifying and dealing with draughts at minimal costs.

The final workshop was about “Saving Money on Fuel Bills” on Wednesday 23 November. Energy costs are rising year on year and according to Ofgem energy accounts for 45% of household bills. This workshop covered switching providers (which often seems a daunting task so people don’t do it) and using an Electricity Monitor with tips on how to use it to reduce electricity bills. There were lots more low cost energy saving measures. The talk was planned by James Mullen, Technical Officer of Centre for Sustainable Energy and delivered by Morgan who was able to address plenty of questions.