About Us



Energy Efficient Widcombe is largely a volunteer group within the Widcombe Association, working with  other local volunteer and professional groups.


We aim to involve and assist as many Widcombe residents as possible to: save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and identify those in fuel poverty, and those at risk of early death because of cold houses. It will be a relevant service for all.


  • Energy supplies are finite – and their cost will spiral affecting all of us
  • Widcombe mainly has homes that are hard to make energy efficient.
  • B&NES has the highest rate of excess winter deaths in the country. Within B&NES, Widcombe is the second highest ward.
  • Carbon emissions are harmful. In B&NES 41% is from our homes.


What we’ve done so far:

  • Enjoyed excellent training from Kathy Tate, Community Sustainability Officer with Age Concern and the Police
  • Put leaflets through letter boxes describing that we offer and to warn of a visit
  • Visited homes and offered: Home Energy Check (an energy audit on your house)
  • Attended several events including Love Bath, Day for Older People at St Micheal’s Church
  • Organised Energy workshops at Widcombe Junior and Infant School
  • Run a series of workshops all about draughtproofing, saving money on energy bills and making an older home more energy efficient

Loan of an electricity monitor

Information on Services and Grants

A measure to test attic insulation

Contact about upcoming EEW events

  • We have identified older people at risk from the cold and directed them to services.
  • We’ve customised the offers to suit older people, students, and by type of house.