Residential energy audits 2017

EEW was really pleased to receive grant funding from Bath & West Community Energy, administered by Quartet, to carry out further residential audits this year.

We worked with 11 homes in and around Widcombe, looking at all aspects of energy efficiency including insulation and draught proofing, lighting and appliance use. We were able to include a variety of homes in our surveys, from listed Georgian properties to 1970s flats, and with different types of householders including families and retired people. Each household received a detailed report with recommendations on how to improve efficiency in their homes.

We were delighted with the feedback, with many people making or planning to make changes as a result of our work. Changes included:

  • Changing light bulbs to LEDs
  • Improving insulation seals around doors and windows
  • Replacing boiler
  • Installing radiator reflectors
  • Installing loft insulation
  • Installing cavity wall insulation
  • Investigating insulating wallpaper and curtain linings
  • Installing new trickle vents in windows

One of our participants summed up the process, saying, “It was so practical and there were changes that I could get on and make straight away.¬† Lots of them will have seemed so obvious to you but somehow pass you by when it’s your own house – I really hadn’t thought properly about how much of the problem could be fixed by sealing up relatively small drafts.¬†Overall it was a really helpful experience and very much appreciated

We very much appreciate the support of Bath & West Community Energy and Quartet in enabling us to carry out this work.