February Update

EEW’s January & February Update

Thermal Imaging

EEW have been very busy through January and February with their Thermal Imaging project, funded by QUARTET.

We have gradually built up an interesting ‘bag of tricks’ of low-cost, low-tech solutions for easy draughtproofing, which we have been able to show people on our visits. Almost all 30 assessments of this winter’s project (funded by QUARTET) have been completed, and there has been lots of positive general feedback from participants, with much action being taken.

Radflek Radiator Reflectors have very kindly given us a discount code to distribute to our members. So, if you are planning to purchase radiator reflectors, please consider visiting www.radflek.com/shop and enter the code: EEWD2015. This discount code is valid until 31 March 2015. 

All volunteers have found this a very encouraging and uplifting project, and are looking forward to next winter’s Thermal Imaging Project, which is being funded by ST JOHN’S HOSPITAL. We already have several participants signed up, those who unfortunately missed out on this year’s placements. Please do get in touch if you would like us to put your name down for a survey in November.

Working with Widcombe Schools to save energy


Plenty of ideas are flying around among the EEW volunteers for the workshops we shall be running in the Junior School in the Spring. We hope to work closely with the schools Eco Team, sharing ideas, energy and knowledge.


EEW is getting involved with the Junior School’s Great Hall Project. The school is trying to raise fund to build a new school hall large enough fundamentally to provide hot school lunches and to accommodate school events, but also to provide a space offering much much more to the wider community.

Tim Williamson and Kate Michell attended a BANES Community Energy Forum in Keynsham Civic Centre. This new council building has been built to a “Display Energy Certificate” Rating A, i.e. extremely energy efficient. From this meeting we got lots of ideas to pass on to the Great Hall team, along with making contact with some useful people, such as Peter Capener of Bath and West Community Energy, who may also be interested in getting involved with the Great Hall project.

EEW has put forward a number of sustainable measures and advised the School on sources of sustainability-focused grants, and hope to be further involved in briefs to architects.


Widcombe Junior School has been nominated in the category “Environmental Hero of the Year Awards” after it reduced its carbon emissions by 29 per cent last year. We will let you know if they become a finalist.


EEW would be interested in hearing from anyone who has participated in the government’s Green Deal initiative and BANES’ Energy At Home Initiative, as we are very interested to find out what their experience of the processes was. Please get in touch.