Free thermal imaging assessments

Thermal Imaging is brilliant at visually showing you where heat is escaping
from your home. If you live in the Widcombe ward and are :

– aged 60 or over

– or in receipt of benefits

and would like a thermal imaging assessment carried out on your home for FREE next winter, please email Kate on

Your questions answered…….

Why would I want thermal imaging?

You can see where heat is leaking from your house. You see for yourself on the camera images.

– But I’m not sure I want people looking all round my home.

Of course, most people don’t. That’s why we ONLY go to those rooms that you would like us to. You tell us before we start. Just two of our trained team will visit, one of them, Claire our Co-ordinator.

– How much does it cost?

Free for anyone living in the Widcombe ward, aged 60 or over or in receipt of benefits, thanks to St John’s Hospital who kindly awarded us a grant to pay for these.

– But won’t the insulation cost a lot?

Many of the solutions to heat loss don’t cost anything or are very cheap.   Simple draught-proofing measures could include stripping; chimey balloons; radiator reflectors. If you’re thinking of bigger measures, there are grants available.

– How do you let me know the results?

You will see the heat losses during the visit – and we can explain possible answers at the time. Then we send you a full report with annotated images and suggestions spelt out.

– What time of day do you come round?

Usually early evening is best – we will contact you to arrange a suitable day/ time.  We can also visit during the day although you may not have such a big differential in readings.