EEW’s current projects, November 2014

Tim, Jon, Jane and Claire are busy working on the following …

  1. Working with Widcombe Schools to save energy


On October 17 we heard we were successful in achieving support again this year from the ‘Bath University Challenge in the community 2014’. Similar to last year our challenge proposed was for the group of Uni students “to spend an afternoon in Widcombe Junior School teaching a year group (60 children) about why it is important to save energy, in a fun and interactive way, appropriate to the age group and abilities.”   This workshop will take place w/c 24 November to either Year 4 or 5. We are liaising with the Eco Leader at the Junior School regarding this. Jane Masters, EEW Volunteer, is working on this project with us, which is excellent.


Even more exciting is that on 1 November we heard that our application to Awards for All, Big Lottery fund fo take working with the Widcombe Schools forward was successful!

Our main commitments to deliver this grant are:

– Working with the Junior school’s Eco Team

– Expanding the number of children that receive the fun educational workshops by delivering them to the whole school – and encourage them to cascade their learnings to parents

– Offering a workshop to Infants and Juniors parents on simple energy saving and draught-proofing techniques

The project delivery dates are 1 January 2015 – 1 July 2015.

  1. Thermal Imaging


On October 11 we heard we were successful in securing funding from Quartet’s Surviving Winter fund. We are now busy planning how to deliver the 30 free Thermal Imaging assessments, targeting Widcombe residents aged 60 years+, and those residents on benefits. Tim and Claire are attending Transition Bath’s Energy Group meeting tomorrow night, 4 November on taking this project forward.


We have been shortlisted for an Engage Mutual community award. Grants are awarded to those projects that receive the most votes. Interestingly our project is one of only two in the South West in the Environment and Conservation category.

Transition Bath kindly included in their recent newsletter the following :

“Help EEW gain a thermal imaging grant: Energy Efficient Widcombe have applied for a grant to fund 50 thermal imaging surveys in Bath. It would be appreciated if you could support them by clicking on this link and voting for their application”.

  1. Smart Thermometers (Internet of Sensors)

Continuum Bridge have installed a new set of sensors in our homes, which are more reliable and the monitoring is more detailed.

On Thursday 6 November, Continuum Bridge are meeting the next group of volunteers – where they will receive information on what’s monitored, what for, who can see it, privacy and security etc. We have helped create an explanatory leaflet to accompany this briefing.

  1. Sustainable Student Housing, West Widcombe

On October 23 we heard from Dr Mark McGuinness, from BSU that “after all our efforts, students have not submitted bids to pursue these dissertation projects”.

It is a shame given the amount of consulting we carried out with key stakeholders to get good dissertation projects, however we are still hoping that these dissertation projects may still be embraced in the 2015/16 academic year.


  1. We are attending the Energy@Home Stakeholder Forum in the Guildhall