Biggest winners, (and losers!), Widcombe Junior School!

In 2013-14, compared with the previous year, the amount of gas used by all 78 schools in BANES has reduced. Widcombe Junior School has the second biggest overall carbon reduction with a 29% reduction, achieved by cutting their gas use by a whopping 48%! Well done to everyone, especially Hazel Parks, ex Business Manager, who was
instrumental in this reduction.

Widcombe Junior Cllrs


Energy Efficient Widcombe also played their part by securing a training workshop delivered by local University students, as part of the ‘Bath University Challenge in the community’. In 2013 this was delivered to the Eco team members and top scientists in the school!  This training is taking place again this year, and this time teaching a specific year group, Year 5, (60 children), about why it is important to save energy and reduce waste, in a fun and interactive way, appropriate to their age and abilities.