Energy Saving workshops at Widcombe Infant School

InfantsKettleClaireEnergy Efficient Widcombe have delivered workshops to every class in the Infant School! Due to a fantastic team of volunteers – Tim, Jane, Jude, Tracey, Nicola and Catherine – we were able to achieve this!

The workshops were exhausting, but so rewarding! We started with an Introduction with Buzz Lightyear looking down at the planet seeing it was warming up due to too much gas and electricity being used. We then broke the classes into 4 groups to see how they could reduce energy use. The 4 groups were :

  1. Thermal Imaging – keeping yourselves at the right temperature
  2. Kettle experiment – only boil as much water as you need
  3. Appliances – if you aren’t using it, switch it off
  4. FUNsheets – Save electricity, save money

We then had a round up session, where the children were overwhelmingly positive about how much fun they had had, and feeding back how much they had learned! The children took home a learning card, EEW balloon and thermometer card.

The message got home to the parents with them saying that they were being told to not put so much water in the kettle and to turn lights off!

Thank you to Widcombe Infant School for giving us this fantastic opportunity, and to Councillors Ian Gilchrist and Ben Stevens for funding this project.