EEW’s current projects, July 2014

We are as busy as ever …

  1. Energy Saving workshops at Widcombe Infants

We have delivered SIX workshops, to every class in the Infant School! Due to a fantastic team of volunteers – Tim, Jane, Jude, Tracey, Nicola and Catherine – we were able to achieve this!

The workshops were exhausting, but so rewarding!  The children were overwhelmingly positive about how much fun they had had, and feeding back how much they had learned!

The message got home to the parents with them saying that they were being told to not put so much water in the kettle and to turn lights off!

Here are some photos from the workshops …

  1. Working with Widcombe Schools to save energy

Jane and Claire met Trevor Dolby, Chair of Governors and Ms Watts, Head of the Infant School on 30 June to discuss the VERCO Energy Saving report. The meeting was really positive. Claire will endeavor to find out from BANES some answers to questions Trevor has been unable to.

Ms Gracie, the Eco Leader, at the Junior School has agreed to meet us in September to discuss taking their School report further.

  1. Thermal Imaging

We are looking for potential funding sources for this project for Autumn 2014 as this was a really worthwhile project.

  1. Smart Thermometers

Having sourced some homes for Smart thermometers this project starts in September.

The project is “a secure, multi-application network of shared sensors
for assisted living, energy efficiency and home security”.  The team
are Continuum Bridge, Designability, UWE and EEW.

This feasibility study will examine whether remote monitoring
technology can be used to ensure that elderly homeowners are safe and
warm at home during the winter months.  Additionally, the study will
measure the rate of heat loss in homes providing benefits around
introduction of energy saving measures and reduction in heating bills.

  1. Sustainable Student Housing, West Widcombe

The four Dissertation project proposals have been agreed by Bath Spa University. Sadly we cannot proceed with this project until we secure additional funding.

Our application to Awards for All was rejected, not on our organization or the quality of the application – but because it was deemed that student accommodation should already be of an acceptable quality. We have however been encouraged by Awards for All to ask for funding for our work with schools.

We need to secure extra funding quickly or we will miss the boat with the 2014/15 Dissertation students.

  1. St Marks community building – grant awarded! A cross functional team – including EEW, BANES Sustainability team and St Marks reps – made a successful application to Western Power Distribution Fund for £980.00 to complete the installation of more energy efficient lighting in St Marks community building.