EEW’s current projects, June 2014

We are still very busy – largely thanks to our wonderful volunteers, Tim, Jon and Jane …

  1. Energy Saving workshops at Widcombe Infants

Ms Watts has asked us to deliver in depth energy efficiency workshops to FIVE classes! More than we expected! Jane has offered to help with the planning and delivery of these workshops – being an ex PWC Trainer she has lots of experience! Another mum, Jude, has also offered to help, which is wonderful.

  1. Working with Widcombe Schools to save energy

Through discussions with Amy Dartington at BANES we are aware that the Infants School “have one project eligible for a grant – for compensation control improvements; another project suitable for bulk-buy (optimisation control); and two more to take forward themselves.” We are meeting Trevor Dolby, Chair of Governors to discuss how this can be taken forward, and also the wider Infants Verco Energy Saving report.

The Junior School has already responded to the bulk-buy and financial information. None of their projects were actually eligible for a grant.   Having read in depth the Juniors Verco Energy Saving report we are going to request a meeting with the most suitable person to discuss our findings.

  1. Thermal Imaging

Our end of project report was sent to Councillor Ian Gilchrist and Transition Bath’s Philip Haille on 21 May.

Ian sent us a lovely note thanking us!

Philip was grateful, especially for our images, and added a news item to the Transition Bath website on our findings.

  1. Smart Thermometers

We are still waiting for a project start date. EEW’s role will be to find older people who are happy to have these sensors in their homes. Readings will be sent to Claire, so we have to be aware of confidentiality issues.

  1. Sustainable Student Housing, West Widcombe

Following consultations with key Stakeholders :

  1. Jeremy, BANES Housing
  2. Micaela, BANES Sustainability
  3. Lauren, Roman City Letting
  4. Ann, BSU Student Housing
  5. Jacqui, National Landlords Association

We sent four Dissertation project proposals to Bath Spa University on 21 May.

The bulk of the Awards for All application has been completed. The funding body can take up to 90 days to respond to applications.


  1. An application was submitted on 25 May to Western Power Distribution Fund for £1000.00 to complete the installation of more energy efficient lighting in St Marks community building. This would mean all of the lights in the building are energy efficient, after EEW secured an initial award of £400.00 as Local Energy Champion from BANES.
  2. On 29 May, Tim and Claire met with Peter, who recently moved to West Widcombe, and is professionally a Sustainability Facilitator. He showed an interest in EEW, and there may be an opportunity to work together in the future.
  3. Subtle aesthetic changes have been made to our website. Some of the copy will be shortly updated.