Thermal Imaging in Widcombe

Energy Efficient Widcombe’s offer of a free Thermal Imaging assessment for Widcombe residents were quickly snapped up last week!

Chair Tim Williamson says, “Energy Efficient Widcombe is excited to be taking part in a project organised by Transition Bath Energy Group involving the use of their thermal imaging camera.   The pictures can be really helpful for householders.  They show how relatively simple measures can make an obvious difference to the warmth of their house and their fuel bills.”

The assessments are carried out by a group of trained volunteers and takes less than an hour.  All of the homeowners have accompanied us on the visits, with their comments being overwhelmingly positive.

After giving the reports to the residents we will encourage them to communicate and work communally and invite them to a group meeting – this will test out peer learning and motivation for change.

This project is possible due to funding by the Council via the Ward Councillor
Initiative funds.  Cllr Ian Gilchrist commented  “I’ve been very pleased to support this thermal imaging activity by Energy Efficient Widcombe as I know from personal experience the value of seeing heat loss from one’s own house. This technique can be highly beneficial in terms of understanding where improvements could be made in the house, and actually spurring one on to do it!”

TIdoorThis thermal image clearly shows that heat is escaping from the letterbox and around the corner of the door – leaks which are easy to solve with simple draughtproofing measures.