Fun and learning at Widcombe Infants School

Energy Efficient Widcombe delivered a fun and informative assembly at Widcombe Infants School, on Monday 3 March. Headmistress, Ms Alison Watts, said “It was fantastic for the children to hear about energy efficiency in such an age appropriate way”.

The 180 pupils involved had a wonderful time.  Comments included, “I liked the race to get dressed in warm clothes.  I learnt that you won’t get cold if you put lots of clothes on in cold weather.  Houses need extra protection, like clothes, to keep them warm!’ from Sam.  Eddie said ‘We saw the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, but it was different because naughty Jack Frost was blowing cold air into the houses.  The pigs’ house with the most insulation and draughtproofing was the warmest – I really enjoyed it.’

Tim Williamson, Chair of Energy Efficient Widcombe, “We were so glad of the chance to meet the children and talk to them about energy efficiency.  We all enjoyed ourselves and really look forward to working with these pupils, exploring this theme in more depth, in the near future’.