An afternoon of fun and learning at Widcombe Junior School




What a fun and informative afternoon 32 pupils, from the Eco team and keen Scientists, had on Wednesday!

Energy Efficient Widcombe linked up with 8 Business Management Masters students from Bath University to deliver an afternoon on saving energy. Exercises ranged from wrapping pupils in emergency blankets and woolly jumpers to see how much their temperature increased, to measuring how much more it cost to boil a full kettle compared to one with enough water for a cup of tea.

Hebe commented ‘We’ve had such a fun afternoon!’ and India said ‘I’ve learned so much about saving energy in the home’.

The Eco Team will be cascading the learnings in an assembly.

Thank you to all those involved, especially Ollie H, Kostas, Ko, Eman, Stella, Sandy, Thiw and Ollie B at Bath University; and Catherine and Tracey for their support on the day.

This event was part of the Zurich Community Challenge 2013.