“Warmer Widcombe” – What have we learned, one year on?

In 2012 Energy Efficient Widcombe (EEW) received a Grant of £61,000 from the Department of Energy and Climate Change as part of the Local Energy Assessment Fund. It was required to use the grant within two months.

EEW developed a project team, and named the project “Warmer Widcombe – Home Energy Saving Packs”. This involved assessments of Widcombe houses, a survey of residents’ attitudes – and packs of information on energy saving measures for the five commonest types of house in Widcombe. EEW took over a pop-up shop in Widcombe for a week and created an exhibition. The event was well publicised and over 200 visited and there were 400 website hits.

Now, a year on, it is useful to reflect on the project and see what can be learned. This is the purpose of writing this review.

Section one describes the background and the “inputs” to the project.

Section two describes the immediate results or “outputs”

Section three is more critical and asks what was learned from the project

Section four lists the messages – both for all and also specific messages

Appendix 1 – LEAF application form

Appendix 2 – Initial deliverables

Appendix 3 – Amendment form

Appendix 4 – Budget

Appendix 5 – Email requesting further funding

Appendix 6 – Project plan document

Appendix 7 – Parity Projects, Dwelling types

Appendix 8 – Community database, not included

Appendix 9 – Blue Marble, Residents survey