green-dealHello Widcombe Residents

This is a great time to check out our Widcombe Green Deal Offer. The Green Deal is a new way of financing energy saving measures for your home, for owners or tenants.  It’s paid from the savings on your energy bills.

 Here’s the offer:  A FREE Green Deal Assessment of your home.

 Find out what energy efficiency measures would be best for your home, the likely costs, and the likely savings.  No obligation to have the measures installed.

Why is this attractive?

  • Normally costs up to £200.
  • Only accredited assessors employed.
  • An extra grant if you live in a hard to treat house (solid walls), or on a low income.
  • No obligation to use the Green Deal – you can arrange your own funds.

What’s the hurry?

  • 40 reserved for Widcombe, so it’ll be first come first served.
  • Closing Date for applications for free assessments is 28 March
  • If you proceed with installations, there is a first-come first-served  Cashback scheme of up to £1000.