Widcombe Junior School gave us their thoughts on Why we need to save energy?

Energy Efficient Widcombe were so impressed by Widcombe Junior School’s enthusiasm for Switch Off Day (27 November), that they set a competition.  The children needed to write about, Why we need to save energy?  

The results were really great …

“We need to save energy otherwise our planet will become polluted and we need to ensure we have enough in the future.” Ben

Nancy thought similarly, “We save energy to help the planet.  Energy costs money and if we use it too often there won’t be much energy left”.

“If we don’t save electricity the ice in the north and south pole will melt … the animals living there are at risk”. Ruby

Grace was also concerned about the animals, “If polar bears knew what we used to make electricity they would be upset because the heat that is generated by making electricity melts the ice that polar bears need to live, so eventually they will die”

The children also came up with some excellent ideas for ways to save energy.  Alex suggests, “Turning off the TV and computer when you are not using them; walking instead of driving; wearing a jumper instead of putting the heating on; read a book instead of watching TV; have a shower instead of a bath”.

Ben added, “Only boil enough water in a kettle that you need; install solar panels; turn off lights when not in use”, and Ruby said “Getting a plane is bad as it causes pollution.  Walking you get fresh air and can have fun”

Ben summed it up as “Energy comes at a cost to the planet”.

Thank you to all those pupils that entered!  A special well done to Alex who was the overall winner!!!