“Warmer Widcombe for Older People” launches, 9 October 2012

A new initiative is being launched to ensure vulnerable old people don’t needlessly suffer from the cold this winter.

Energy Efficient Widcombe has developed an action plan to work with local agencies and the community to help safeguard vulnerable residents from the sometimes tragic effects of the cold weather.

In recent years, Bath & NE Somerset was found to have the highest rate of extra deaths in winter in the country.  Within BANES, Widcombe ward had the second highest rate.  Recent statistics show that the rate continues to be worryingly high.  It tends to be older people, usually women, often living alone in large cold houses that are suffering.

Energy Efficient Widcombe has been concerned by these statistics. Because so many different agencies are involved, we decided it was important to agree a common pathway.  Working with local District Nurses, BANES Council and Age UK Bath & NE Somerset, we have developed a simple plan to address the problem: “Warmer Widcombe for Older People”.

We will give temperature gauges to older people at risk from cold.  Where their homes are found to be cold, information is gathered and a referral is made to dedicated personnel in Age UK (BANES).  They will make sensitive contact, assess and ensure changes are made to make that home warm enough.

Warmer Widcombe for Older People is to be launched on 9 October.  Local District Nurses, GP surgeries, pharmacists and chiropodists will be provided with information, temperature gauges and leaflets.  These will be available to members of the public who have a concern about an older person in Widcombe.

Contacts:       Dr Tim Williamson 01225 420905 or Claire Powell: e.e.widcombe@gmail.com