Warmer Widcombe Exhibition Wed 28th Mar – Sun 1st Apr

Warmer Widcombe Exhibition

Come to our exhibition:
Energy saving displays, energy saving models, free samples, Widcombe specific advice, friendly faces and local support.

Location: Home Brew Shop, next to the Ram, Widcombe Parade

Opening Hours:
9am – 4pm Wednesday 28th March
9am – 4pm Thursday 29th March
9am – 6pm Friday 30th March
10am – 8pm Saturday 31st March
10am – 4pm Sunday 1st April

FREE Energy Saving Products, Balloons & T-shirts


The Warmer Widcombe project provides Home Energy Saving Packs for Widcombe homes. These will be presented in an exhibition and on the Energy Efficient Widcombe Website. These resources will help Widcombe residents to identify and plan home energy efficiency improvements – and how to get useful government loans. The work is funded by a grant from Dept. Energy and Climate Change


• Show what can be done in Widcombe homes, old and new
• Highlight when to take the energy saving opportunities presented
• Help you save more than you think is possible!
The packs contain professional advice which has been carefully tailored for the 5 different types of home found in Widcombe. Alternatively you can download them here

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