Would you like £500 towards energy saving measures?

Dear Widcombe Resident, please help us spend £8,000!!…


Energy Efficient Widcombe (a group of volunteers in this community) has been awarded £45,000 from the DECC to carry out a project to survey houses in Widcombe and then use the results to help all householders.

More can be done to save energy than most people think, including building professionals.

The first step to saving energy is to asses what can be done, so we have secured 16 FREE Home Energy Assessment Master Plans (HEMPs). These fit into our project ‘Warmer Widcombe – Home Energy Saving Packs’.

The pictures and information from the 16 HEMPs will help anyone with homes like those found in Widcombe to understand what can be done to improve energy efficiency and to have an idea of the costs and the benefits.

Please circulate this fantastic offer as widely as possible as we have a tight timescale!


The Free Offer:

If you put your home forward (and it fits with the project) then you will receive a bespoke report containing:

  • Your home’s existing energy and CO2 profile and how you compare to similar homes.
  • Packages of improvement options to suit your budget and payback timescales.
  • Lots of up-to-date information.

How it works:

Surveyors from Parity Projects will perform a detailed survey of the property, interview the occupier about their use of the building and their preferences and collect data from energy bills.

Then they will identify all appropriate Energy Saving Measures (ESMs) for the property as well as other possible eco measures.

Parity Projects then produce the master plan. Your copy will be in the form of a written report, as well as on a CD and statistics in an Excel spreadsheet for your convenience.

How other homeowners will benefit:

Energy Efficient Widcombe will use the pictures and data to explain to people with houses of a similar type the likely possibilities for implementing energy saving measures. We want to show that more can be done than people think.  No personal details will be revealed and we are not asking for your house to be open for visits.

To apply, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below:
Download the application form here


The age and type of your house (eg: 1700’s Georgian, 1800’s Victorian, 1910 Edwardian, 1930’s semi, etc.  _____________________________________




Is your house similar to other homes around?:______________________


Location (Number, Road and Postcode):___________________________




Your level of interest in going ahead with substantial refurbishment:


1                      2                      3                      4                      5


            (1 being not at all interested, 5 being extremely interested)


Your willingness to help the project:


1                      2                      3                      4                      5


(1 being unwilling to help, 5 being eager to help)


Your willingness to put forward your home for discussion with Council Planners for their informal views on whether Energy Saving Measures  will be allowed:


                        1                      2                      3                      4                      5


(1 being unwilling, 5 being extremely willing)




All applications for this £500 free survey (funded by the DECC LEAF project) will be considered on their ‘fit’ with the project as we need a wide range of types of home. Your details will not be used. Don’t let these criteria put you off!


Contact details:

Any questions? Comments? Please check www.energyefficientwidcombe.co.uk or email e.e.widcombe@gmail.com or phone 07583 693 861