Light Bulb Bonanza at Widcombe Social Club Sat 4th February from 3pm

At Widcombe Social Club, Saturday 4th February 15:00-17:00

This was an extremely popular event, and welcomed some 50 or so visitors. The Bulb Bonanza provided the opportunity to see plenty of different styles of new technology light bulbs in action, and speak to local expert Gavin Veal PHd. Children enjoyed the quiz and colouring sheets, and tea and cake finished off the afternoon perfectly. To add the the excitement, Ian Gilchrist announced that Energy Efficient Widcombe had won a major grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) at this event. For full details on this separate article click here.

There is the chance to offer the community a bulk buy deal, for further details and a price list please email:



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